The transmitter Wilsdruff is a medium wave radio broadcasting facility near Wilsdruff, Germany. Until the nineties there was a transmitter for 1044 kHz with 250 kilowatts transmission power. This was a 153-metre guyed steel tube mast, insulated with respect to ground. Since the mid nineties transmission power is only 20 kilowatts. The new transmitter is in a circular building on which the mast stands. The old transmitter of the fifties is a technical monument. The whole facility is a relic from the Joseph Stalin era with a high fence (double fence with dog track and watchtowers) which is still almost

The village has a church and museum. The church was originally built in Tjørnuvík, but in 1858 it was disassembled, carried over the mountains and reassembled in Saksun. The Museum occupies a seventeenth-century farm house called Dúvugarður. The house belongs to the Dúvugarður farm, still an active sheep farm with approximately 710 ewes. Saksun Images and description of all cities on the Faroe Islands.Guide to Faroe Islands: Saksun

The inlet formed a good deep natural harbour, until a storm blocked it with sand. The old harbour become an unaccessible seawater lagoon, only accessible by small boats on high tide.

Saksun (Danish: Saksen) is a village near the northwest coast of the Faroese island of Streymoy, in Sunda Municipality.