Help (command)

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The Software Link's PC-MOS includes an implementation of help. Like the rest of the operating system, it is licensed under the GPL v3.

The command is available in operating systems such as Heath Company HDOS, DOS, IBM OS/2, Microsoft Windows, ReactOS, THEOS/OASIS, Zilog Z80-RIO, Microware OS-9, Stratus OpenVOS, HP MPE/iX, Motorola VERSAdos, KolibriOS and also in the DEC RT-11, TOPS-10 and TOPS-20 operating systems. Furthermore it is available in the open source MS-DOS emulator DOSBox and in the EFI shell.On Unix, the command is part of the Source Code Control System and prints help information for the SCCS commands.

The MS-DOS 6.xx help command uses QBasic to view a quickhelp HELP.HLP file, which contains more extensive information on the commands, with some hyperlinking etc. The MS-DOS 6.22 help system is included on Windows 9x CD-ROM versions as well.

Wolverton, Van (1990). MS-DOS Commands: Microsoft Quick Reference, 4th Revised edition. Microsoft Press. ISBN 978-1556152894.

Windows NT-based versions use MS-DOS 5 style help. Versions before Windows Vista also have a Windows help file (NTCMDS.HLP or NTCMDS.INF) in a similar style to MS-DOS 6.

PC DOS 7.xx help uses view.exe to open OS/2 style INF files (cmdref.inf, dosrexx.inf and doserror.inf), opening these to the appropriate pages.

In computing, help is a command in various command line shells such as COMMAND.COM, cmd.exe, Bash, 4DOS/4NT, Windows PowerShell, Singularity shell, Python, MATLAB and GNU Octave. It provides online information about available commands and the shell environment.

command This command-line argument specifies the name of the command about which information is to be displayed.

In Bash, the builtin command help' lists all Bash builtin commands if used without arguments. Otherwise, it prints a brief summary of a command. Its syntax is:

In PowerShell, help is a short form (implemented as a PowerShell function) for access to the Get-Help Cmdlet.

Windows PowerShell includes an extensive, console-based help system, reminiscent of man pages in Unix. The help topics include help for cmdlets, providers, and concepts in PowerShell.